1. BUTLER IN THE PEANUT FACTORY takes every reasonable effort to ensure the premises and equipment is deemed as suitable and safe for all users at all times.


2.  The Client is fully responsible for their own action and responsible for the children they are in the accompany of, and any damages or breakages to the property that incur as a result of the Clients action shall be the responsibility of the Client to pay or rectify as agreed with BUTLER IN THE PEANUT FACTORY.


3.  BUTLER IN THE PEANUT FACTORY does not take any responsibility for any loss or damage to any personal belongings within or outside the studio. Our sessions can involve some physical activity, which is undertaken at your own risk.


4.  BUTLER IN THE PEANUT FACTORY expects Clients to advise of any special or medical requirements are needed to make the Clients experience at the Studio more comfortable and accessible.